The only girl in a handful of backseat boys, I sit
shotgun without calling it. The song pounding through
the radio says Bitch every Bitch other Bitch word.

One boy assures me I am not like other girls.
Out of habit, I thank him for the compliment.

I listen to them speak of women like menus;

lace skirt
trimmed steak.

I cross my legs and nearly fold my voice
into a teal blue Tiffany’s box.

This is the part where I prove that I am chill.
I can hang, guys. Who says feminists are a buzzkill?

As we turn the corner, there is a gaggle of young
women. The driver of the car I am in leans out the window and spits

How much?

Eyes wide as dinner plates, they scurry away like shot
pool balls, as I have done so many times.

The whole van hoots, fist-bumps, hollers. There are not enough seats
for both a woman and the joke to fit comfortably in the car.

I keep my rant about feminism and rape culture
as a ponytail holder around my wrist.

In a fish tank of predators, I wonder if I, too, am a predator
by association.

When I get the courage to say something,
I am two weeks late and encouraged by Bacardi.

I start by assuring him that he is a Good Person,
which is why I’m telling him this in the first place.

I have to make this matter to him. I have to bring up
his sister, his mother, his girlfriend-
I have to make this accessible to him.

It is the dilemma of the woman who wishes to inform
the sexist, politely.

It is the dilemma of the woman
who wishes to be heard-

Let us give you this reality check
with a spoonful of sugar.

Let us make this easier for you to hear
than it is for us to live.
SKIRT STEAK GIRLS by Blythe Baird (via kattekin)


I’m quitting smoking on September 8th in order to better myself, and help me to obtain my goals. My motivations for quitting are mainly monetary and I hope soon after I find myself healthier. I just feel like I’ve been held back far too long by smoking and being a smoker. I want to start a new journey in my life and whenever I envision my future, I’m never smoking. So, why not start now? This will be a big learning experience for me and probably my loved ones and I’m excited and terrified. Smoking has been what I plan my day around for 7 years. For 7 years I stressed about when my next smoke was going to be, who will judge me for it, and am I the only smoker in the group? Well, I’m done with that. I can confidently say I’ve had enough. My smoking has gotten out of control these past few years and it’s a little disgusting. 

So, I’ve signed up for a messaging service to start on Sept. 8th. I’m going to tell everyone I love to support me, and I’ve also downloaded an app to remind me of my goals and motivations. I’m going to buy jolly ranchers, gum, lots of fruit and a new Brita filter so I can be occupied from my cravings and practice healthier eating habits. I’ll probably end up putting on my tennis shoes and running out of my house as if my hair was on fire at some point and I just hope I remembered to put pants on. I’ll be cleaning out my car and probably not driving as much as that is one huge trigger for me. I’ve got a plan. Hopefully a solid one because this is one of the nastiest habits to shake and I just want to be successful. 

AHHHHH. (I’m already stressed just thinking about it) 

I did it!!

I took a step toward my career goal! I applied to be a Flight Attendant for Delta!!

There were many noticeable differences I noted between applying for delta and the last job I applied for. For one, I was riddled with excitement and unbearably nervous while applying for delta. Then a rush of future possibilities played out in my head like: where will I be when I get the phone call for an interview, what will my flight be like to my interview, what will the interview be like, how fun will training be?!, oh god how do I cover my neck tattoo, oh I’m so excited!!

The other job I’ve applied to and actually got was nowhere this exciting. So I’ve realized that THIS, a Flight Attendant is who I want to be, what I want to do. Now, I know that the possibility of me getting hired right now is very slim, I’m hopeful because I’ve got a dream. I have a goal to obtain and if you know me, I’ll go for it and I have a pretty good success rate ;)